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The Departure of the Knights [on the Quest for the Grail] by: William Ernest Chapman (Artist)

The Departure of the Knights [on the Quest for the Grail] by William Ernest Chapman (Artist) from: The Story of Sir Galahad: Retold from Le Morte D'Arthur of Sir Thomas Malory and the Original Stories by Mary Blackwell Sterling

The Lady of Shalott.  The complete poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson is on this site.  (Painting by Donato Giancola)

" Elegy for Darkness-The Lady of Shalott " Appearing on the cover of the novel, Banewrecker by Jacqueline Carey x oil on panel © 2004 Donato Giancola collection of Scot Tubbs

Marriages were arranged, in order to increase wealth and rank in society. [BP2]

The Marriage of King Arthur illus. by Lancelot Speed from The Legends of King Arthur & His Knights, by Sir James Knowles,

Isolde by Evelyn Paul

Isolde by Evelyn Paul from Paul's own "The Romance of Tristram of Lyones and La Belle Isoude"

The Green Knight is challenging King Arthur. He is, oddly enough, holding a branch. Is it a Christmas themed branch like holly or mistletoe?

Herbert Cole - The Green Knight Entered the Hall, illustration for the story from Arthurian legend of The Green Knight, "Fairy gold: a book of Old English fairy tales" by Ernest Rhys, 1906 or 1913