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Moos anpflanzen

How to grow moss - break into section and place 1 inch apart, filtered sunlight, light watering, can make a moss milkshake and spread around

Pleurocapous mosses have prostrate growth forming a carpet rather than erect tufts. The sporophytes of the Pleurocarps emerge mid stem. It regenerates from broken fragments, quickly attaching to stone. Its fast growth makes them better for colonizing hard substrates.   Pleurocarp is easier to grow due to their matting tendencies, low even profile makes blowing debris off of them easier. Common Pleurocarps are: Thuidium delecatulum, Plagiomnium cuspidatum, Climacium and Hypnum imponens.

Pleuro-Pleurocapous mosses have a prostrate growth habit.

How to make a moss chair.  Scary thing is, I have just the place in my yard where I could put this...I might try a moss bench instead...attatch two or three chairs together...either that or do this wing chair with a little matching foot stool!  Then maybe a little fruit tree or something tall on the side to be like a lamp or shade...hmm...ideas.

It is whimsical eye candy for your garden or outdoor living space, but maybe not practical lounge seating. Young and hip Los Angeles designer, Kyle Schuneman of …

love the extra zing with the grapevine

Moos Deko /moss decoration

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Bring nature indoors with this micro garden landscape. It features mini mounds of moss and palm-tree shaped Selaginella plants with for bonsai-like! Love this Minigarden!

8 Beautiful Terrarium Centerpieces

8 Beautiful Terrarium Centerpieces

Forest Terrarium // live moss // lichen branches // large teardrop vase by PinkSerissa on Etsy