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Niall Horan Steps Out After Reportedly Signing Solo Record Deal | niall horan…

Niall Horan Steps Out After Reportedly Signing Solo Record Deal: Photo Niall Horan makes his way past a newsstand while running errands on Wednesday afternoon (September in West Hollywood, Calif.

niall horan

Wanna listen the version in my mind:Get out get out get out of the car.

June 16, 2017: Niall in London

Niall Horan Chats It Up With Female Friend in London: Photo Niall Horan kept close to a female friend today!

One of my favourite pins..

♥ when you thought Niall couldn't get any sexier 2010 2011 2012 2013 and now 2014 wait till 2015

Ladies and gentlemen..... I died!!! It's Nialler!!!!! Well, duh Kali!!!! I know I know but this is just too cute for any other words...

For all the girls who love this blonde haired, blue eyes, Irishman, who stole our hearts with his audition and caught our hearts with his trust in true love. Like if you are a true Niall girl!

December 5th: Niall out shopping in Beverly Hills

Eye on something special? Niall's look was casual as he wore a pair or classic blue jeans with a black long sleeve T-shirt and grey sneakers while browsing the boutiques after being linked to model Jessica Serfaty again last month