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Polizei Division

An machine gun team of the Polizei Division in France, late May The Polizei Division was assigned to Army Group C, which was positioned opposite France’s Maginot Line and took no active role in the first 45 days of the campaign.

Soldiers of Waffen Grenadier Division der SS (Estnische Nr.

one Waffen SS tech sergeant with stg44. 2 Heer soldiers one is a corporal not sure about the other one, both are mg gunners one has a mg42 the other has an mg34 possibly eastern front.

Battle of the Bulge. or a muddy field in Kent? Stunning World War Two battlefield scenes are in fact re-enactments captured by photographer

MP Lt. Paul Unger, 2nd Armoured Division, searching the POW SS-Untersturmführer Kurt Peters, III.Battalion/SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt. 37, 17.SS-Pz.Gren...

US Military Police Lt. Paul Unger searches POW Untersturmführer (lieutenant) Waffen SS Kurt Peters of the Regiment of 17 Panzer Grenadier Division at Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly, 27 July (Photo: Robert Capa)


Bundesarchiv Bild Infanterist mit Sturmgewehr 44 - StG 44 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wehrmacht Soldiers with Panther

Panther SS-Standartenführer Johannes Mühlenkamp, Kommandeur of SS-Panzer-Regiment SS-PzD 'Wiking' and grenadiers of the Infanterie-Division ready to fight, in an attempt to break the Red Army's circle around Kowel, Ukraine.

breath taking

British soldiers in trenches before they go over the top © CollaborationJS / Arcangel Images

Russie 1941 (?)

German anti-tank gun in urban combat. In the background is lit Soviet tractor. Brest, western outskirts of the city.