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Girl Meets World (2x25)

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Girl Meets World (2x29) this part made me tear up watching it                                                                                                                                                     More

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#GirlMeetsWorld 1x20 "Girl Meets First Date" - Cory and Lucas

This is probably one of my favorite scenes from Girl Meets World, no joke.>>>there's so many to choose from but yeah I probably laughed the hardest at this scene

This scene was just so heartbreaking bcuz u can tell that Riley's holding back tears


Girl Meets World

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boy meets world girl meets world continuity >>> but Farkle got all of his by grade. or is Stuart talking only in high school, terms?

~Girl Meets I Do

"Girl Meets I Do" (I love the hope Shawn and Katy have, despite all they've been through)