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Hey, I… I made a thing… It’s Error and Comyet’s Ink!Sans… Um… I hope you like it…

Errorink ewe

errorink ink x error imágenes Y Comics//+//la Vida De Ink Y Error Y Yo :v

Ink Sans by ShweezyLiz

So there are a lot of people making different AUs of Undertale, like Underswap, Underfell and more.


Read Kindertale (PJ's Daycare) from the story Undertale Random Adventures: Senpai Edition by Hailey-Senpai (The God Of Burgers) with reads.

Read errorink from the story book of sancest sin and fLUFF- by (♓Cupcake♓) with 737 reads.

A small prank ~Error and Ink Sans~ by 7goodangel on DeviantArt

with my Error! and Paper Jam is no exception. A small prank ~Error and Ink Sans~

STEALING'S BAD CHILDREN, I'D SUGGEST FOR YOU NOT TO DO IT. Error Sans and Ink Sans are both adorable skellies tbh 0w0 Flat shading is fun  Error! sans and Ink! sans belong to rightful owners&n...

I& good at naming things! Also couple poses are hard. This probably as close as it gets for me so. why not sharing it? *slapped in the face* Besides, I& making the shippers who started me foll.