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So I'm watching 30 Rock and then google Leap Day William and it is everywhere! Crazy new trend lol

Going to be him for Halloween and I intend on kicking people in their shins and saying "yankees suck"

Daily 5 Work on Writing-Monthly Resources - Second Story WindowA WHOLE YEAR'S WORTH!!!

Daily 5 Work on Writing-Monthly Resources

But if you make October only 30 days long then it would be October 31st, not 32... BUT STILL I LOVE THIS

lmao i know the guy who made this textpost edit, he makes more btw his insta is 'friedfluff'

Kids have the worst time trying to concentrate on school the day of Halloween — and it’s even worse the day after! You’ll need something extra engaging for them in order to keep their brains working at max capacity. Wouldn’t you know it, I’ve got just the thing: Wings Wanted!   Premise: This is essentially a …

Halloween STEM Challenge: Wings Wanted

Halloween STEM Challenge: Wings Wanted. Looking for a great way to keep students engaged, thinking critically, and working on hands-on problem solving? In this challenge, students create a new set of bat wings!