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Anhänger Silber 925 Kristallsteine Vintage SK952 von Schmuckbaron

Crystal stone pendant with 1 yellow and 3 clear Crystal stones and partially gold-plated fringe. The trailer is silver consists a total of Size/weight

Anhänger Elefant Silber 800 Charm Vintage SK236 von Schmuckbaron

Anhänger Elefant Silber 800 Charm Vintage SK236 von Schmuckbaron

Charm Silber 925er Anhänger Glas rosa blau SK966 von Schmuckbaron

Pretty necklace pendant from 925 Silver glass drops blue with pink spirals.

Pendant silver 830 with an exceptionally great design.

Anhänger Silber vergoldet Perlmutt-Perle SK994 von Schmuckbaron

Beautiful, old silver pendant gold plated with mother-of-Pearl. A charming, nostalgic, shabby vintage jewelry pieces.

Anhänger Alpacca Silber Initialen AK/KA alt SK587 von Schmuckbaron

Alpacca Silver Pendant with floral design. A beautiful antique, personal piece with the initials "AK or KA". Rare and beautiful.

Anhänger vergoldet Perle zierlich Vintage SK173 von Schmuckbaron

Petite gold plated pendant with Pearl - no chain.

Beautiful Silver Pendant decorated with 3 Crystal stones.

Art Deco Anhänger Silber 835 vergoldet Farbstein lila alt

Art Deco gold plated 835 Silver Pendant with a beautiful purple color stone. A beautiful, old vintage jewelry piece.