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195 mm 835 Silber Siegelring Initialen EH SR255 von Schmuckbaron

Very nice, old Signet Ring with the initials "EH". The ring is made of 835 silver, not hallmarked.

174 mm Ring Silber 925 teils diamantiert gearbeitet edel

Very nice, elegantly crafted silver ring, the ring head Center a strip teildiamantiert ground, thus he receives a beautiful glitter effect.

186 mm Ring Silber Kristallsteine flieder SR568 von Schmuckbaron

Very nice silver ring 925 with 3 small lilac stones.

178 mm Ring Silber 925 Emaille 80er Jahre SR925

Very nice ring with enamel inlay beige and black. The ring head is movable.

Ring Silber 835 mit Initialen EB Vintage SR718 von Schmuckbaron

Very nice, old ring with the initials "EB". The ring is made of 835 silver and from a rare piece.

173 mm Ring Silber 925 Kristalle elegant SR873

Beautiful ring made of 925 Silver and studded with 3 small Crystal stones.

174 mm Ring Silber 835 Tigerauge Vintage SR818

A nice 835 silver ring with Tiger's eye. Very elegant, embossed on the ring head. The size can be varied on the basis of the open ring rail.

158 mm Ring Silber 925 Aventurin Nostalgie SR406 von Schmuckbaron

Very nice, nostalgic silver ring 925 Silver with a beautiful green Aventurine stone.

213 mm Ring Silber 935 Schlange Augen Kristalle blau SR906

Beautiful snake ring silver The eyes of the snake are with blue crystals.

168 mm Ring Silber 925 Achat hellblau Blume SR527 von Schmuckbaron

Very nice, elegantly crafted silver ring studded with pale blue agate stones. The ring head is very intricately worked in the form of a flower with a diamond-coated silver finish. 925 the silver content was tested by us.

185 mm Ring Silber 925 Emaille weiß schwarz grün

Very nice nostalgic ring with enamel inlay in white, black and green. Ring head with leaf design worked out.

175 mm Ring 835er vergoldet Perle Saphire SR654 von Schmuckbaron

A beautiful, old ring. Nostalgic design decorated with Pearl and 2 Sapphire stones. A great piece from 835 silver. The ring rail is silver and gold-plated ring head.

Very nice, elegant Silver ring 925 with an Aventurine in the bevelled edge.

204 mm Ring Silber 900 Skarabäus Käfer Handarbeit Ägypten rar

The ring rail is made of silver with a beautifully crafted head version. The scarab / beetle is made from steatite / carved and was then dyed. A massive, rare jewel.

187 mm Ring Silber 835 Karneol Vintage edel von Schmuckbaron

Nice, old ring with a round carnelian plate and a simply crafted ring rail.