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Maedhros <><> WHO DID THIS?! IT'S AMAZING!!!

Ok, I got bored after a while, it could have been better. Model is Douglas Hickmann.


“here he is guys, Cassian from a court of thorns and roses series by Sarah J Maas gosh i struggled to paint him. procrastinated as much as i could, then finally decided to paint him.

My character again, I really missed him, and I like draw him with his hair like this because he looks more vampiric and mature (?) xD Just a quick painting I did for a test in Photoshop Ohhh I also...

Empty Heart by Zeilyan dark elf drow vampire prince king nobility royalty sorcerer wizard warlock armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc


elvenkingtranduil: “ Sauron by BadAssVillain ” Utter fear descended upon Orodreth and those who defended the isle. Fingolfin had fallen Sauron, lieutenant of Morgoth, overran the isle.

Finrod Felagund

I would love to see your take on Finrod! This is my take on Finrod Felagund, Lord of Nargothrond.

Hoje, vou falar um pouco mais sobre os oito Ainur , que são conhecidos como Aratar  e, mesmo entre os Valar , merecem destaque. Por isso, sã...

Nienna, The Mourning Vala. by ~moon-blossom “Nienna looked at the pale Moon under the shadow of her distant halls. She remembered the glory of the Two Trees and all the pain that Melkor caused by his.

Maedhros with short hair (after Thangorodrim) http://namecchan.deviantart.com/

Maedhros with short hair (after Thangorodrim) OMG! I feel you Maedhros.

Vanimore and Maglor by Kaprriss.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Vanimore and Maglor. So beautiful couple for so talented Spiced Wine 'Who was he? Vanimore and Maglor