Beautiful Light by Saimain on DeviantArt

A mixed-media commission for the lovely Janine (, featuring her and her husband’s characters Llowthlógwynn and Imwén. I loved painting all the raven feathers and .

Spirit Animals

The fey wolf (plus wings, not shown in this pic) summoned by the whistle owned by Sidara.

CJ Hendry is an Australian artist armed with only a piece of paper and a pen, she creates unbelievable, photorealistic black-and-white images in large format.

The Cool Hunter - Artista australiano: CJ Hendry - penna su carta

Thank you lord 8/1/17

hand of the jade dragon samurai female fantasy art illustration created for legend of five rings by digital artist mario wibisono

coloring for adults - kleuren voor volwassenen

Here is the pencils to for the cover to the comic book that I'm drawing called Theory of Magic. Theory of Magic Cover

dark fantasy art gallery - Google Search

dark fantasy art gallery - Google Search

Le Groënlandais, Faucon Blanc Mué in 'Traité de Fauconnerie' by H Schlegel, 1853

falcon botanical illustration, mid Traité de Fauconnerie’ by H Schlegel and AH Verster de Wulverhorst