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So far, our barking has saved Mom and Dad from murder by 40 mailmen, 16 UPS drivers, 3 Girl Scouts, 28 cats and 1 sketchy looking plastic bag on the road. and they remain ungrateful.

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And yet there are some people out there who insist dogs (or animals in general) don't have feelings!

lives up to their url

Too funny! Our Yorkie gets up on a chair to look out the window and cries if she sees our mailman pass us by (he also gives milk bones).

And they always get away with it, too.

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Its not people, but nothing makes me laugh harder than dog shaming

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Im laughing so hard at these dog shamings. the picture of the last dog made me laugh the hardest. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!


What if dogs destroy shoes because we always put them on before leaving? They just like to destroy shoes!

I Hope She Makes It

I Hope She Makes It

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That's funny considering Pluto is the dumbest animal of all of them considering he's the only one that can't talk

Donald Trump would deport this joke

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