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NCcd - Eye of Isis by LoveLiesBleeding2

for my priestess-of-a-sort. i know you can't see the legs on the model, but the white fabric . NCcd - Eye of Isis

ToKcd - Emissary by LoveLiesBleeding2.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

PLEASE NOTE: I do not allow any use of my designs. again for Asthenah, this time loosely based on a well-known painting depicting Cleopatra. the arm-bands would be GOLD, not brown leather.

hieroglyph woman wing forward - Google Search

Queen Isis - Cats, all thrones, all crowns and turquoise are sacred to Her. The chicken is Her sacred animal. All hail Queen Isis.

ToKcd - Filigree by LoveLiesBleeding2 on deviantART:

PLEASE NOTE: I do not allow any use of my designs. The classic daring black vampire dress, inspired by lots of high fashion, French coture. I don't really like the bodice/drapey.


“I walk in harmony, heaven in one hand, earth in the other. I am the knot where two worlds meet. Red magic courses through me like the blood of Isis, magic of magic, spirit of spirit. I am proof of.