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2,220 Me gusta, 38 comentarios - L'ÂmeDuMonde/TheSoulOfTheWorld (@lamedumonde) en Instagram: "#tibet #nomad Photo by © Melvyn Goldstein"

2,220 Me gusta, 38 comentarios - L'ÂmeDuMonde/TheSoulOfTheWorld (@lamedumonde) en Instagram: "#tibet #nomad Photo by © Melvyn Goldstein"

Анастасия Ванеева

*The Tibetan nomads are found in all three of the traditional regions of Tibet, Amdo, Kham and U-Tsang.

Peruvian knitter

PERU, CHINCHERO: Elderly Quechua man wearing the distinctive hat and costume from the village of Chinchero knits a complicated pattern in alpaca wool using four knitting needles at the Sunday market in the Sacred Valley of Peru (© Tina Manley)

Hirte mit Halskette, Tibet

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Resultado de imagen de litang jewelry

traditionally precious metals and stones are the main store of wealth for nomadic tibetan people, because families must frequently move with changing seasons, and an easily transported form of wealth is necessary.

Two Tibétan Girls, by Steve McCurry.

Two Tibétan Girls, by Steve McCurry.

A Tibetan beauty under a mountain of gold, coral, and ivory

thisbeadifulworld: vesivett: Sichuan Khampa (via miss-mary-quite-contrary) She is a true beauty.this Tibetian woman…

Chill & Hip Hop Showcased MiVu.photos/chill Amazonas Woman nursing her child. No shame in such a natural, beautiful act of love ❤️

“ Flagrant the Indian mother breastfeeding her child adorned with paintings and ornaments typical of his tribe. The real owners of Brazil, a country of many races. These Indians are members of the.


Oh so shy, or not so very happy! Traditional Tibetan Clothing - China and Tibet - Xi Zang 西藏 - - China News, Society & Culture


mode//Their clothing is really inspirational to me for some reason. I'd love to visit tibet soley based on what the locals wear. Makes no damn sense. Wrapped Up.

Tibet - The significance of this costume is quite incredible.  The Kampa people were mostly nomadic and they had to carry their wealth around with them, so it was usually worn.  And as such, the more ornaments and jewelry worn, the greater the wealth.  Common materials are gold, silver, coral, amber and turquoise.

Jewel encrusted traditional ceremonial costume via Tibetan lady wearing a ceremonial costume during the King Gesar Arts Festival / Khampa arts festival in the Kham region of Tibet in

o.m.g! hahaha ADORABLE! @Lulú Almazán i know you will appreciate this picture :)

I didn't know if I should post this in "Eye Catching Style" or "So Cute.I Can't Stand it". Style it is.lil man has swag lol. But aint' that about the cutest face ever?