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Jap, aber wann werden diese konservativen das auch lernen sich von dieser rassistischen US #terror #natojunta nicht mehr spalten lassen und sich in diese Irre rassistische Wagenburg treiben lassen, wi ediese Irren damals in Südafrika oder im rassistischen Apartheidstaat Israel DELETE - DELETE - DELETE in 2016 (via Janice Kelly).

Can't keep another idiot from giving her another assignment within the government but we, the people, can definitely make sure this heifer does NOT make it to the Oval Office.

No, no! Hillary’s disastrous years in Little Rock, then as First Lady are not relevant! Never mind that public figures stood in line to denounce her? Remember when Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, William M. Daley, Barney Frank and even Jimmy Carter accused her of -- READ MORE:

TYRRELL: Candidate Hillary Clinton can’t hide from her past if she runs in 2016

For Sure!

and its a bunch of junk! Not even no truth in it!

the dictator will inform you what the fine for being alive is today

We sure want to stop Hilary from running in Ted Cruz is a strong candidate for President, who else are you waiting to announce?

I hope everyone has noticed that Hillary is in hiding. The more she is out of sight the higher her pole ratings. Don't be fooled. She is still the murdering, lying, betrayer, we all remember. DO NOT VOTE FOR HER!!!!

Hillary ought to go back to Chappaqua and bake cookies while Bill hooks up with his latest broad. B&H soooo deserve each other.

Monday, March 21, 2016 KKK Leader Endorses This Democrat For President, Media Is Silent

Monday, March 2016 KKK Leader Endorses This Democrat For President, Media Is Silent