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....can I keep him?

I actually saw them on Unlikely Animal Friends. They're bfffffs and the elephant once accidentally stepped on the dog. He recovered, but he was bedridden for a while and the elephant would come reach in the second floor window where the dog was resting

Cat and Watermelon, your argument is invalid

funny cat pictures - This cat is pushing a watermelon across a lake. your argument is invalid.

your logic is sound Lol should I use this in my lessons of solid liquid gas this week? Jk

Cats are liquids: “Liquids… take the shape of the. - “ Cats are liquids: “Liquids… take the shape of the container while maintaining a constant volume”. That’s it. so cats are liquid. ” theamericankid: “ Seems legit because science ”

Cats...way too cute :p

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I'll never forget the raccoon that would come in through our cat door and eat with our cats like he was one of them.

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Either that or he doesn't like what was served for dinner

This is the picture I text someone who doesn't answer my call. 45 Absolutely Hilarious Pictures of Animals to Make You Laugh

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Red dot...

World domination kitty.love the red dot torture! I mean fun ( evil laugh)


20 Lazy Cats That Will Make You LOL

I love cats. Grumpy cat finds his dad. did you let the cat in? This is how my cats are.