Traveling Gypsy Miniature House. Beautiful work, base made from a dismantled firetruck. by

Greggs Miniature Imaginations is dedicated to different craft projects that I am inspired to create, from my unstoppable imagination and love of miniatures.

wonderful for how to add snow to the roof and make amazing to scale ice  Michelle's Mad World

Michelle's Mad World: Winter Cabin - Let it snow, let it snow.and a little ice too! - tutorials on creating snowy roof and icicles too.

…a mini gypsy peddler wagon!!

Available on Etsy at: This is my one of a kind miniature Gypsy Fairy Wagon, a unique and magical fantasy piece in dollhouse scale! It measures long from wheel to wheel x width x 9 ¾” tal.

Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures: Fantasy Structures by Rik Pierce, Frogmorton Studios

Rik Pierce, Frogmorton Studios, designs fantasy structures based on English medieval and Tudor buildings. Using Creative Paperclay, he incor.