Erkunde Halloween Fenster, Weinflaschen und noch mehr!

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hallowwen : mason jars
Halloween 2013
A winter snow scene is depicted on a recycled wine bottle lit with tiny white lights. The pine trees and snow banks are accented with diamond glitter, a single wood cabin sits in the background surrounded by birch trees. Hand painted a clear glass bottle that was treated with a frosted effect. A special bottle to add to your Christmas decor and continue through the Winter Season.  The lighted wine bottle is a 750 ml wine bottle upcycled by RecycleThyme.  A small hole was carefully drilled…
Salut tout le monde ! Les fêtes et les soirées ont souvent tendances à se ressembler, même décoration, même nourriture, même activités… Avec ce Top idées, assurez-vous d’organiser une soirée démentielle !...
Primitive Halloween-Dekoration mit Kürbis aus Holz Monster Geist Frankenstein und Ghul happy Halloween
Creepy Skull Stitched Mouth Halloween Decor / von OrangeJarArt
Halloween, Dekoration, Schädel, Skelett, Goth, gruselig, dunkel, faerie, Urlaub, Puppe, Pin, Kostüm, Fee, pixie
(Halloween ) Kostüme für Kinder
Easy Halloween decorations. All you need is some cotton balls, mason jar, spiders, and a glow stick.