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Russian wild cat

The Pallas´s Cat, also called Manul, is a small wildcat living in the grasslands and steppe of central asia. It is named after the german naturalist Peter Simon Pallas, who first described the species in

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Dogs before and after

15 photos de chiens avant et après qu’ils aient grandi.

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Pallas' Cat (@OctobulusManul) | Twitter

Pallas' Cat (@OctobulusManul) | Twitter

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Pallas Cat - small wild cat native to Central Asia, on the list of near threatened extinction, due to their habitats being encroached by humans.

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16 Chiens et leurs versions Mini-Moi qu’ils adorent!

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Russian wild cat.

Pallas' Cat (Felis manul), also known as the manul, is a small wild cat of Central Asia. It is about the size of a house cat (Otocolobus manul)

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22 Hilarious Pictures Of Wet Cats(Cat bath)

The Pallas's cat (Otocolobus manul), also called the Manul, is a small wild cat with a broad but fragmented distribution in the grasslands and montane steppes of Central Asia.

Male Pallas's cat lying 2 by Tambako the Jaguar, via Flickr

Picure of a male Pallas's cat / Manul, which is a small wild cat living in Asia.