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Roman Legionaires (Warlord Games) - Page1

Roman Legionaires (Warlord Games) - Page1

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Roman Ninth Legion.

Channing Tatum

Legionari in marcia. ~ A photo of actor Channing Tatum in the film The Eagle.

Войны и воины | Эстетика | Оружие I История

Roman Optio by Steffcos

Armée Romaine

The Roman Empire

Sergey Popovichenko

“Romana virtus” by SergeyPopovichenko · Putty&Paint


Roman Legionaires March Into The Teutoburg Forest 9 AD

MASSIVE VOODOO: Roman Legionarius 1st Century A.D

Ave, the bust from Young Miniatures I recently started is done. It shows a roman soldier, shortly after a battle or even in the fire of t.

Ancient Roman Bronze Soldiers Uniform Artifact Pendant

Fantastic ancient Century AD) piece of Roman soldier's uniform that has been attached to a black glass seed bead necklace It can be worn with any neck piece like leather, silver, etc.

Legio XXI Rapax - historical reenactment of Roman legion. Rekonstrukcja historyczna rzymskich legionów.

Legio XXI Rapax - historical reenactment of Roman legion. (I love the non Praetorian style scutum design)