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Loved these in the 80s!  Petit Bateau Heart print turtleneck at alexandalexa.com

Send hearts a flutter this season with this printed turtleneck from Petit Bateau.

While this would likely more closely resemble my sister's desk drawer in the than mine, this image still transported me back to that simpler time.

hoola hoop

Toys hula-hoops – We were allowed to bring them to school for field day and I set the record in my class for "hula-hooping" the entire 15 minute recess time--so proud :)

We and our children are blessed to Live in U.S.A.

Pledge of Allegiance every day in school growing up. And everyone wonders what is wrong with this country. How many kids today can even say the Pledge of Allegiance? or know the words to the National Anthem? Not in my classroom.

Gilligan's Island..  I'm so in love with Gilligan. Don't ask me why

Gilligan's Island, one of my very favorite all time favorite TV shows!

Fisher Price family

1970 fisher price toys Who else had these? Loved my Fisher Price people - had the school too!

Teddy Ruxpin, Glo-Worm, Rainbow Brite, and Care Bears.

Teddy Ruxpin, Glo-Worm, Rainbow Brite, and Care Bears. My daughter Brittany got Teddy Ruxpin when he first came out. She loved her Sweet Dreams Care Bear.

how to fold a cootie catcher by maritza

Help children practice thankfulness with this gratitude activity for kids. This easy Thanksgiving craft is a free printable Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher. Learn how to fold a cootie catcher / paper fortune teller.

Charlie's Angels Dolls... I had these as a kid.  Oh, I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel (detective) when I grew up...or atleast have hair like Jaclyn Smith!

My girlfriend had these Charlie's Angel dolls. Loved them, but they were shorter than barbie dolls. Like Skipper size.

noxema-put it in the fridge and used on our sunburn when we got home from the beach (before sunscreen was created)

My mom used to use this to wash her face every night before she went to bed. I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing her with this white stuff all over her face. Later, I used it too and loved the clean way it made my face feel!