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Dont know what is it, but looks great

Don't know what is it, but looks great

MINIATURE DEWDROP TREE Photograph via luna on Pixdaus In this stunning macro photograph we see dewdrops gathering on what appears to be a flower pistil. The dewdrops have formed the shape of a miniature tree and it’s all very beautiful.

Hello! My name is Danica. I love life and beautiful pictures. Welcome to my world of Endless...

naughtyjng: “ hungariansoul: “ ♥ ” Nature is so delicate and yet so strong. Wonders never cease. We are surrounded by small miracles and immense beauty if we can only open our eyes to see.

droplets.                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

Ornamental drops cling to assorted surfaces for a dazzling display. Share your macro photos like these in the Water Drops group. Photos from Ernst Vikne, West Leigh, Wroot Down, and High rez.

'and he walked alone, free from the chains of responsibility and the chains of regret. Free from a world full of different people and hurt. All he had was himself and for the first time since he could remember, his heart was full'

Quelle place les entreprises laissent-elles aux introvertis ? I Pierre Denier

These photos of a lone person walking through the forest express the solitude people may have to endure looking for their family tree.

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