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This means a lot to me because I get so shaky during public speaking that it looks like I am having a spaz attack and you can literally hear my voice shaking. Knowing this will just help me with my public speaking complications.I love Dan!

Nor Dan --- Debatible depending on what your taking about

This is my favorite "not all men" post. Neither would Dan but the joke is Phil being an angel bean. I said angel bean without second guesses as if it was a completely normal thing to say.

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*plays a new Amazingphil video* *opens a Delia Smith cook book*>>*plays Hello Internet*

Like "woah woah woah, calm down. Don't go there I didn't sign up for this"

phan wedding 2022 in in

I'm not one of those demon phannies that stalk dan and Phil and try to find out every little thing that's happening in their lives but a lot of things have been happening and I'm v curious lol

i'm not saying they're getting married but they're getting married//// Geez people. The Phandom is the fucking FBI

and Dan and Adrian. Okay, whoever wrote Dan and Adrian^^ No, don't.  We don't talk about Dan brother.  No. I hope they see this.

Okay, whoever wrote Dan and Adrian^^ No, don't. We don't talk about Dan brother.

They can't be apart for more than a few minutes let alone a week

Is he Dan ? Is Phil really a grown man ? Are either of you grown men ? I think both of y'all are just giant toddlers<<< no they're both 6 foot 3 twelve year old boys


danandphil, danisnotonfireandamazingphil, amazingphil, danisnotonfire, danandphilgames<<< I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I sing that song when I'm scared and scream at my friend

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If Phil bottoms, then everything in my life has been a lie

COOL LET'S DO THAT <<< I mean... The last two things are OK, as long as not EVERYBODY are asking ALL the time. There has to be a limit guys! If you can keep up with that limit, then I think it's okay to ask!

First rule of Phan club.you don't talk about Phan club! <----- sorry but i really have to ask but what happened to dan's brother?