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Another lucky lady wearing the 1911 Cartier tiara

One lucky lady wearing the Cartier Art Deco, Zig Zag tiara.

Grandchild of Queen Victoria - Marie of Romania (previously Princess Marie of Edinburgh; 1875 –1938) was Queen consort of Romania from 1914 to 1927, as the wife of Ferdinand I of Romania. Her first cousin, Prince George of Wales, later King George V of the United Kingdom, fell in love with her & proposed marriage. She married Prince Ferdinand of Romania, nephew of King Carol I of Romania in 1893.

Marie of Romania (Marie Alexandra Victoria, previously Princess Marie of Edinburgh; 29 October 1875 – 18 July was Queen consort of Romania from 1914 to as the wife of Ferdinand I of Romania. She was called Missy by her family.

Tiara Mania: Blackened Steel Tiara

Tiara Mania: Blackened Steel Tiara worn by Cathy Topp

The Greville Tiara: This diamond and platinum tiara was made by Boucheron for Mrs. Greville, who left it to the Queen Mother as a part of a large jewel bequest in 1942. After tweaking the shape just a bit, it became one of the Queen Mother's favorite tiaras. In 2005, the Queen loaned it to her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall, who has also made it one of her favorite sparklers.

A close up of the Greville Honeycomb tiara as it is now, worn by the Duchess Of Cornwall

Two Cartier kokoshnics for the price of one. On top, the gorgeous diamond lattice tiara, with five large square-cut diamonds set in circular motifs; once worn by Grace Vanderbilt. On the bottom, the diamond lattice and cabochon sapphire tiara once worn by Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna of Russia.... which didn't make it into the Grand Duchess Vladimir's collection, so she had Cartier make another one for her.

Two fabulous Cartier Kokoshnik tiaras. The top one was made for Grace Vanderbilt and set entirely with diamonds, the bottom was made for Grand Duchess Vladimir and set with cabochon sapphires and diamonds. I love the Russian style!

Profile view of Mary Roxburghe's art deco tiara, by Cartier, worn by a Sotheby's employee.

Profile view of Mary Roxburghe's art deco tiara, by Cartier, worn by a Sotheby's employee.

From the Cartier 1900-1939 exhibition at the British Museum catalogue by Judy Rudoe. The diamond and citrine tiara/brooch combination, 1937, one of the 27 tiaras made by Cartier that year for the Coronation of King George VI. As can be seen, the central motif can be removed and worn as a brooch

From the catalogue of the Cartier exhibition, British Museum, an example of how Cartier's Citrine art deco tiara disassembles to form a brooch. It comprises 143 citrine vertical batons, plus a massive hexagonal Topaz of cts, and was sold 27 June

Doris Duke's bandeau sold via Christie's Magnificent Jewels sale 2014 for $2.33 million

The Doris Duke pearl and diamond Cartier Bandeau being worn.