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Red Wolf, the descendant of a native warrior, is in the animal hizzouse!

Marvel Chillers featuring Tigra tge Were Woman - Marvel Comics - dynamic cover by Ed (Batman) Hannigan & Frank (Captain America) Giacoia.

Chapter 786: "Gatz"

No Hammock, No Life. — Oh yeah I saw giant teddy bears today

Vintage 1977 Marvel Comics Group The Defenders #47 May 30c Diamond Price Variant!

American Metalcraft BZZ95B Rectangular Wire Zorro Baskets, Small, Black

Marvel Comics Retro: Captain America Comic Book Cover Red Skull, the Weakest Link (aged) Marvel Comics Poster - 61 x 91 cm


The drums of voodoo beat for houngan justice! Len Wein and Gene Colan created this forgotten character; fan-turned-pro (did he ever stop being a fan?) Fred Hembeck used Brother Voodoo as a running joke in the fan magazine "Marvel Age.

Defenders #5 F/VF 1973 Marvel Death of Omegatron Comic Book

Defenders Valkyrie struggles with her aggression towards men, turning to Doctor Strange for advice on finding peace with her teammates. But the Defenders had better learn to get along soon- especially when they must battle mega-robot Omegatron!

barry windsor smith

barry windsor smith

Marvel Two-in-One # 84 by Ron Wilson & Chic Stone

The ancient shaman known as Ranark has been accidentally unleashed by Shaman of Alpha Flight.

Avengers 167 January 1978 Issue  Marvel Comics  by ViewObscura

Avengers #167, January 1978 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VG

Avengers 167 January 1978 Issue Marvel Comics by ViewObscura - meeting the "Real" Guardians of the Galaxy!

Unknown Worlds 5 February 1974 Issue  Marvel Comics  Grade

Unknown Worlds #5, February 1974 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade Fine