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Mars "M-Brella" - how to make useful promotional gifts - Design ...

Mars "M-Brella" - how to make useful promotional gifts - The ODM Group

StrideLite Safe Walking Umbrella combines high-intensity light with high reflective material to provide 360º visibility at night from over ¼ of a mile away! GetdatGadget.com/stridelite-safe-walking-umbrella/

StrideLite Safe Walking Umbrella

Fluorescent Rain Gear - The Bright Night StrideLite illuminated umbrella is here make your trek home in the rain that much more safe. Built with a high-intensity light tha.

Color-Changing Umbrella!! Omg I would never want to get out of the rain...

color changing umbrella, starts as black with white splatter spots, then changes color in the rain

This would make me feel so warm on a cold and gloomy day!

Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons

Submarine Umbrella

The Incredible Gift Guide: Unique Gifts & Creative Gift Ideas

With its sturdy design, handy windscreen and submarine-stylings, you can stay dry and still keep an eye on proceedings.

Goggles Umbrella

I hate umbrellas, I hate big umbrellas and little people with big umbrellas. I like this umbrella.

Paper Parasol Umbrella with Bamboo Boning - Lemon Yellow - The Knot Shop

Paper Parasol with Bamboo Boning - Lemon Yellow

Order affordable paper parasols at The Knot Shop, like our pretty wedding parasols that come an endless array of colors.

Color Wheel Rainbow

Color Wheel Umbrella

The Color Wheel Umbrella from Streamline NYC combines style with function. It adds a carousel of colors to your look while the wide size of the umbrella shields you from the elements.