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29 Lindas tarjetas de presentación para los que buscan algo fuera de lo común

Unique Business Cards: Beautiful letterpress business card with texture and design that makes it closer to a work of art.

Things and thoughts are really only what we perceive them to be and say that they are.  Things become what they truly are when we have the agreement from others that our perception of things is shared.

Melancoloric on the Behance Network. I love the smell of the cold crisp air. And the air . Bundle up and love the fresh crisp Clear air.

Design Inspiration | 131 - UltraLinx

Design Inspiration

The thin text in such an open space can mean multiple things for a view leaving the total image meaning up to who is looking at it.

EL ATLAS DE LAS NUBES (Cloud Atlas). Una película de Andy y Lana Wachowski con Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant y Susan Sarandon.

I love the color scheme and cartographic elements of this book cover.

Day Job on Behance

Day Job on Behance