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David Garrett in Frankfurt

David Garrett in Frankfurt

David Garrett (1980 - ) is a record-breaking German pop and crossover violinist and recording artist.

The hottie with violin, David Garrett! Try listen to how he played his violin for Smooth Criminal and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

David Garret - I don't usually like long hair on guys, I'd make an exception for him!! Plus he's amazing with his hands!! Hey oh!!

David Garrett (born as David Bongartz is a record breaking German/American classical violinist and recording artist. and he's HOT

David Garrett - @~ Mlle ~   Dear Lord, how gorgeous! May I please give you a kiss on those beautiful lips? ~kohco

David Garrett - Mlle Oh Dear Lord, may I please give you a kiss on this beautiful lips?

David Garrett - "Viva La Vida" by himself - One man performance. Amazing! #violin #music #videos

David Garrett - "Viva La Vida" [Coldplay] / one man performance / violin / music videos

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《1》Love this pic ♥ Jenn, and all of my beautiful David loving fans......this is my fav pic of David. I love that he is concetrating on playing. I love his facial expression. I love what he is wearing. His hair looks perfect and love how his hair is falling down in his face. 1 I love the way he is holding his hands. I love the orbs of light in front of him! Shall I go on?! xox kohco

David Garrett beautiful ♥ My most favorite photo of David, ever with the Iridescent orbs of light ♥

♫♪ Music ♪♫ violin david garrett light #violinist #musician

♫♪ Music ♪♫ violin david garrett light - I want to softly sweep his hair from across his eye and he not feel it .oblivious to all but his music.

David Garrett's Ave Maria is the most beautiful rendition of Schubert's Ave Maria that I have ever heard! 2006

2006 David Garrett Ave Maria ♥ LOVE David's Ave Maria, it is so beautiful, he plays with such emotion ♥