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Externsteine – Wikipedia teutoburger wald

The Externsteine, a distinctive rock- formation located in the Teutoburger Wald region of northwestern Germany, are a popular tourist attraction. Stairs and a small bridge connecting two of the rocks lead to the top.

Rennes Le Chateau, showing the church featured in Holy Blood Holy Grail.

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Inland from Riviera Maya lies a land of colonial splendour and magnificent Mayan ruins. Lucia van der Post uncovers the authentic Yucatán Peninsula through a specialist company with unrivalled access to chic haciendas, private estates and extraordinary artistic projects

Remote Mexico: discovering the real Yucatán

Uxmal The Pyramid of the Magician, a building aligned to observe astronomical events

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station nunspeet

“What if” history questions can be a divisive. Some view them as an exercise in futility, a place where no serious historians should go. Others see them as

Thousands of Romans killed in the dense German woodland: What if the Teutoburg Disaster Didn’t Happen