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Midkemia I made this using InKarnate, based off the world of the Riftwar Trilogy by Raymond E Feist


Midkemia Kingdom of the Isles, Empire of Great Kesh, Kingdom of Queg and Free Cities of Natal Based on the world created by Raymond E Feist, created using Inkarnate

The riverlands. The kingdom that always ends up between waring kingdoms and turned their fate around. The netherlands typed kingdom is right above it

ELYDEN - worldbuilding, cartography and conlanging in the world of Elyden: the City-Kingdoms of the Haréshk (and Tamar) - Atlas Elyden

Politische Karte von Aventurien

Political map of Aventuria – Das Schwarze Auge – The Dark Eye – DSA

thetis_map_by_camillo13-d393opj.png (2000×1268)

thetis_map_by_camillo13-d393opj.png (2000×1268)

Beautiful Maps Of Fake Places

Beautiful Maps Of Fake Places

Exdea Ltd is raising funds for Dragon Throne War - An Epic Fantasy Saga (Canceled) on Kickstarter! A fantasy saga set in a brand-new world inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance and The Lord of The Rings

Fantasy Map, Fantasy Places, Dungeon Maps, Geek Gear, Rpg, Lone Wolf, Cartography, Gears, Dice

ChrisLivingston Commission (CASTITIA).jpg (JPEG Image, 3508 × 2480 pixels) - Scaled (25%)

This one was actually something quite new for me as it's based completely on Castitia by Chashio. The same GM who commissioned the original map approach.

Forgotten Realms High Rez Map.

The new land of Faerun from the Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, after the Spellplague

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