11x02 Form and Void [gifset] - Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural

we are the crossroads, my little outlaw

Form and Void [gifset] - Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural- and the Angel comes HOME!

Supernatural 13x18 "Bring 'em Back Alive "

Supernatural 13x18 "Bring 'em Back Alive "


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True of most any conversation with my sister or my BFF.

Cas and Dean, the best buds heaven and earth could ask for

Best bromance that ever existed

Music of Supernatural

Supernatural does have awesome music

supernatural- benny

I love Benny!

"Even if we were killed off, we'd still have the best hour of our lives :3"<< agreed

I WANT.although it might end up being like Dora.in a horror movie kinda way

#wattpad #humor (Part 2 is called Fandom's Unite 2)  A book that has humorous quotes about multiple fandoms, and things that will just have you saying... "So... Freaking... True..." This book is what I like to call: 'Fandoms United', a place where you can ship and fangirl whenever your heart desires! Let the fando...

Fandoms Unite - Tumblr SPN Fandom

Sam and Castiel, click through for gif

(gif set) "He wants to have a body like mine. And that's understandable." - Misha Collins

(gif set) "He wants to have a body like mine. And that's understandable.


see this hurts because Dean would never.never say those words Sam heard.and the fact that Sam doesn't even know that what he heard isn't even close to what Dean said.like ouch.

(gif set) "He, uh... He takes the story very seriously." ||| Sam and Dean ||| Supernatural 5x09 "The Real Ghostbusters"

(gif set) Remember the time Dean acted like one of the fans?<<< We are Dean

Supernatural seasons 1-7 gag reels.. If you have the time I seriously suggest you watch this.. Jared and Jensen always make me laugh

Supernatural - Bloopers and Gagreels (bloopers and gadreels) hhahahahah I'm hilarious -Mh

Sam’s first and last words to Dean. *whimpers* [gifset]

" - Sam calling his brother -- Okay,. kill me already, would you [gifset] Sam and Dean Winchester