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One of my favorite moments.

I love that they just tell the doctor the truth to get admitted to the mental hospital.: "Oh, you mean like an angel on your shoulder." Sam: "No, no, his name is Castiel, he wears a trench coat.


lock the door. LOVE that last comment! << I have become Becky Rosen - Winchester<< are you telling me that only ONE person would lock the door in the Spn family? I would lock the door

They would just kill us off

Even Trump is offended by this

I need this episode to happen soo much! Perhaps *we* are a love interest for one of the boys? OMG imagine them making out with a camera 😂😂 honestly just going on a hunt would be awesome.

This is so beautiful! I completely agree with this person!!

The Supernatural Family. This fan's letter describes the spirit of a true geek fandom.

LOL. Look at this

Get your meme on!

Supernatural Blooper : They threw it at him again and again, and it wouldn't break, then he just touches it and it shatters. I love his "I quit." And Jensen just bursting out laughing :)