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How to make Paper Clay from toilet paper, and then use it for papier mache. Similar to celluclay?

Dahlhart Lane: How to make Paper Clay this recipe intrigues me since it doesn't call for water, so hopefully wouldn't shrink nearly as much as others I've tried,

Dolls by KAREN WALKER | Polymer Clay Planet

Had a busy week creating these cute little dolls- created using CERNIT polymer clay, Dawi acrylic paint and markers!

Lucio the Dark Unicorn Filly By Whisper Fillies Whisperfillies.etsy.com Unique little handmade polymer clay horse, pony, unicorn and fantasy creatures  Find my work on Instagram and Facebook too! Nerd geek geeky collectible model horse nerdy kawaii whimsical art doll dolls toy

Miniature "Lucio" Shimmering Dark Unicorn Polymer Clay Handmade by Whisper Fillies

Blog Post: Adding Clay for the Torso of my OOAK Polymer Clay Baby Fairy

It's polymer clay fairy baby body sculpting time! This is part 4 in the July Fairy Baby sculpting series. Sculpting the Baby.

Ball jointed doll tutorial part 1 by Deskleaves.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Part Ball jointed doll (BJD) tutorial, thorough instructions about designing and stringing your doll by ©Deskleaves.

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Terrific step by step visuals / Orig Post: How to model a clay doll head - pictorial sculpting tutorial.

Polymer Clay Pie Tutorial PART 1 by Colour-Splashes.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Part 2 of pie tutorial. Feedback is very much appreciated! If anything is confusing or worded poorly please let me know! Polymer Clay Pie Tutorial PART 2

Tutorial Baguette miniatura por * thinkpastel on deviantART

Old Shelf Miniature Tutorial This is something I made on my spare time, just to see if I was capable of doing something such as this. I hope that someday soon I will be able to make miniatures with.