Need logo: simple but poignant type treatment

An interesting idea to leave the first E out. It's well executed since it's still very readable, but I wonder if it reflects anything of the organization.

This logo utilizes the principles of gestalt to create the F out of negative space.

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs

2013-03-21 | Ewa Serwotka

Sports pyschologist, Ewa Serwotka Credits: Robert Zajac NB: Logo of the day will be out next week and will return in April.

Het is maar net hoe je naar een logo kijkt. Of een (ontwerp)probleem of -inrichting benadert. Denk buiten je kaders!     And dig it…

30 Clever Examples of Negative Space Logos

Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism - Pencil

Clever Logos With Hidden Symbolism - Pencil

Wine Icon by Thiago Matsunaga

Wine Icon

Working on an online wine store. This is the main icon. Probably the logotype will be an sans serif, but. Still in doubt.

LAVAVA rebranding by Csaba Bernáth, via Behance

Logo redesign and rebranding I made for a leading underground house party series / event organizer group called LAVALAVA.

Minimalist Logo Design for Your Inspiration

A logo design is the face and representation of your company, at DesignWoop I like all things minimal and typographic and so have put together a collection of typographic logo designs that focus primarily on minimal and typographic design.