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Al Bundy Witze und Sprüche - Gesellschaftsspiel

Al Bundy beim Pärchen-Gesellschaftsspiel



Might as well finish the communist series.  Hopefully these don't offend anyone; I think they're hilarious.

Because people have requested a photoset, here’s all of last year’s Dictator Valentines*. *Several not actually dictators. This year, I’m rolling out some new Portrait Valentines, so check them out if.

The height of hypocrisy. My 3 uncles came back traumatized from that war. She looks like she'd easily spread her legs again for a 10th abortion. Hypocrite.

This hypocrite is not only a cold blooded baby killer but has the audacity to claim our war veterans have committed war crimes whether true or not! Condescending liberals just plain suck!

Al & Peggy Bundy - The Greatest Marriages in TV History - Photos

Al & Peggy Bundy

Katey Sagal and Ed O'Neill as Peg & Al Bundy in "Married with Children". A classic example of a lazy husband and materialistic wife