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Kentucky Fried Chicken Before it was KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken Before it was KFC and when the gravy still tasted good.

Burger Chef

Loved Burger Chef and Jeff. Saturday nights and a bag of Burger Chef burgers.

All these old memories!

The Cootie Catcher - Fortune Telling ~ Got a burning question you’ve just got to know the answer to like, Will I marry Scott Baio? Use a cootie catcher!

Jiffy Pop popcorn http://media-cache5.pinterest.com/upload/95349717080254663_XmQXDuql_f.jpg johnfran growing up in the 1970 s

pop pop jiffy pop the magic treat as much fun to make as it is to eat! Was the best popcorn ever.

Love this-only got to go about once a year as a family.  Everyone was healthier back then.

McDonalds and the Golden Arch! Back then my dad would say "let's go to the golden arches," not McDonalds! Their food was much better back then!

LOL photo of a 1970's era halloween, I have these kinds of photo's from my childhood. My kids still don't believe me that my Halloween costumes came in a box.

Remember when Halloween costumes were plastic and you couldn't breathe or see in the masks? I had the princess costume.