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Appearing opposite the Brixton Academy at the back of the Backstage Bar (on Astoria Walk, was this “Thug For Life” graffiti by Banksy.

ロンドンを中心に活動する覆面のグラフィティ・アーティスト、バンクシーの「You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat」と題された作品集が<Gingko Press>から出版された。    	 		 			 		 	   グラフィティとはゲリラ的に行われるものであり、強大な敵から

If you do not believe in the power of art, let us show you how art resonates powerful thoughts. Here are examples where we juxtapose graffiti by Banksy with s by revolutionaries who made world a better place.

banksy melbourne graffiti

Banksy was from England. Banksy is currently He began as a freehand graffiti artist in He was inspired by local artists and his work was part of the larger Bristol underground scene.


Just brilliant! "Because I'm worthless." - Say it "chik",OUT LOUD and look yourself in the mirrow.if you have one :) By artist Banksy UK


Banksy the genius: 60 pieces of amazing street art

banksy - Buscar con Google

Banksy's piece on a derelict Detroit factory wall. "I remember when all this was trees," a boy exclaims!


Thug For Life - Banksy’s homage to the Old Skool, differently put. An innocent is used like a weapon

Banksy - Syria

Banksy Reworks 'Balloon Girl' in Campaign for Syria's Children Idris Elba voices Sunshine spot By David Gianatasio. This is graffiti is it art? Spark discussion with the children.

Banksy 'hits back' at art thieves who 'stole' his mural in the best possible way

Banksy 'hits back' at art thieves who 'stole' his mural in the best possible way - Mirror Online

banksy take this society

Banksy Graffiti Superhero: 45 Great Photos & Quotes


Once beautiful Banski art, defaced by the Gray Ghost of New Orleans. I hate the Gray Ghost.