Thursday Morning Coffee I can make it one more day.

Las ilustraciones de Max Kostenko

100 Intriguing Insect Innovations - From Bugs Named After Beyonce to Disease-Detecting Insects (CLUSTER)

Самый простой способ поднять настроение - это посмотреть фотографии смешных и забавных животных. Да, не забудьте поделиться увиденным с ближним.

This is me trying to make only one trip from the car to the house with all of my grocery bags!

post-2630889-1424974401.jpg (600×600)

post-2630889-1424974401.jpg (600×600)

Картинка с недовольной совой с кружкой кофе

Картинка с недовольной совой с кружкой кофе / Фото #72 - Просто так 17 - 245180

"For the Birds" Disney/Pixar short

Sending LOVE for you all to have a wonderful weekend !!!

Have a wonderful weekend !

Lisa Beta - Humorous illlustator & character designer from Russia

Illustration Ltd is proud to exclusively represent Lisa Beta a professional illustrator based in Russia. Lisa specializes in character and cartoon illustrations.

» Monster des Alltags

» Monster des Alltags

Фото: Самые смешные и курьезные демотиваторы из ВК

The simple answer to this is a plain, emphatic, resounding NO! If anything people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are the most outstanding at empathy of all people, why?

main_539797_original.jpg (500×705)

main_539797_original.jpg (500×705)

photo-58 For the Girls' room


made by: Johan Potma, aka Mateo Dineen - Acrylic painting


„Yellow“ one eye puppy monster by mosk

Rough Creature design for illustration job. ►get more @rohitanshu◄

Rough Creature design for illustration job. This is one they passed on buts…

This was me today!!

It's Thursday? Sweet Jesus, I need more coffee!

Friday night watercolor doodlin'.... by cryniak, via Flickr

Chris Ryniak's blueberry monster guy looks like he has a secret-- or he just ate a detective.