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brown, aesthetic, and bambi image

Is the stars a fandom because I'm in it

Is the stars a fandom because I'm in it

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💛🌻is it dodie yellow tho🌻💛

ro·sar·i·um/rōˈze(ə)rēəm/Noun: A rose garden, melisica: kultclothing

Buy me a whiskey

thatgirlupstairs: embroidery on pink slip by DoubleSpeak

it's a long story


"You know your problem, Lass? You're the only person in all of neverland. that desperately wants to stay.


happy in the haze of a drunken hour

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double feature

ddoublefeature: “so I had a dream where I got a lil sumin sumin in the post and HERE IT IS my psychic powers never fail me ”

But no one hears.


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you've got a thousand burning suns within your soul

twins of the Haze Court.

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we are made of stardust

Wish you hadn't disappeared...

🏷 The only thing he could think about while occasionally catching the clock. Irish desire to be superstitious about everything?