Erkunde Pennsylvania, Restaurants und noch mehr!

Boiling Springs Tavern, Boiling Springs, PA - love their pecan-crusted chicken
Boiling Springs Tavern, Boiling Springs, PA  Dinner after the ceremony
Historic Water Wheel, Seven Springs Mountain Resort Champion Pennsylvania.  Love the sleigh rides fun!
Lancaster County towns... such fun names!  - this is the area I grew up in - it's beautiful, quiet and filled with hard working people
This place brings back fond memories of a great road trip.  Stopped there on our way to Florida.
Lightning Guider Sleds historical marker in Duncannon, PA. Text: Produced between 1904 and 1988 by the Standard Novelty Works, located here. In 1920 the plant was credited with producing more children's sleds than any other U.S. factory; its capacity was then 1,600 to 1,800 per day. The company also made children's wagons, porch swings, porch gates, and furniture products. Established 1904 by William Wills and P.F. Duncan, the plant was closed in October 1990.