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1977 VW Bus ad - "Take the Bus" Orange Campmobile bus

Volkswagen Bus ads (1977

1977 VW Bus ad - "Take the Bus" Orange Campmobile bus. Ours is a 1971 Westy

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State Bicycle Co. by Tim Navis, via Flickr

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113/365 - VDubbya Beach

Get out there and travel the world! Whether you’re sailing across the ocean or cruising from coast to coast, a vintage van is a great way to go. Grab your favorite travel-sized beauty products from Ulta Beauty and hit the road.

My mom had a VW bus when she was little...I think we'd be pretty cute driving this one around!

I want a kombi van. I want to drive around Australia in one with my partner and act like backpackers.


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Let's ride!

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My dream has always been , and always will be a  V.W. van...

" "In the parking lot, Idiot. Which one, Idiot Number Two?