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Spring Butterfly On Tulips by Garry Gay

Spring Butterfly On Tulips Greeting Card for Sale by Garry Gay

Beauty Butterfly

Valentine Butterfly Greeting Card for Sale by Georgianne Giese

Mariposa by Magí Franquesa -  Magnificent Butterfly!

Red Flag Winged Butterfly (Heliconius melpomene) found from Mexico to South America


The Chestnut Tiger (Parantica sita) is a butterfly found in Asia that belongs to the Crows and Tigers, that is, the Danaid group of the Brush-footed butterflies family

What are the rarest and most endangered butterflies of the world? This quick and easy guide tells you all about these beautiful and critically imperiled insects

Top 10 Rare or Endangered Butterflies

Papilio chikae is also known as the Luzon Peacock Swallowtail. It's a large insect, with lovely iridescent lunules around the margin of each hind wing.