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I love Victorian Mourning dresses. HEATHER GABEL, VICTORIAN MOURNING DRESS by CHRISSY PIPER, via Flickr

In Victorian times mourning the death of a hustband involved wearing heavy, concealing, black clothing, and the use of heavy veils of black crêpe. The entire ensemble was colloquially known as "widow's weeds" (from the Old English "Waed" meaning "garment"

Visions of the Future // Butter-Soft Suede Karate Pant

Butter-Soft Suede Karate Pant – Urban Zen ❣ (I could wear this if it weren't genuine suede and several hundred dollars)

Tessa Gray Quote (colorful) I would definitely wear this

Tessa Gray Quote (colorful) I would definitely wear this--> OMG! It's on a freakin shirt

Beautiful mortal instruments bracelet

~the mortal instruments inspired charm bracelet, the infernal devices~

Cortana Lariat Hebeldesign.com Based on Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices book series

Cortana Lariat

"The hilt was covered with the same pattern of runes and leaves, but the blade itself was simple and bare, save for a line of words that ran down its center. Tessa leaned in to read the words upon the