1770s Embroidered court gown (auctioned by Christie's) from the front | Grand Ladies | gogm

Court Gown C. Fine white Indian muslin with silver metal embroidery, the robe sack-back with train and scalloped cuffs to the sleeves, matching ruched robings, the cuffs and robings edged in.

French 1700s Ball Gowns | ... . Perfect for themed wedding or masquerade ball! rachelkerby.com

This listing is for a custom Rococo Marie Antoinette gown for Rossana Grosso using clients personal measurements. The gown will be made in a

Silk velvet bodice/jacket and "petticoat" ca. 1718. From the Museu del Disseny

Jacket and petticoat ca. 1718From the Museu del Disseny (Fripperies and Fobs)

c 1730 England Mantua dress -- which just goes to show the bustle was retro...

Mantua Place of origin: Spitalfields, England (woven) (made)Brocaded silk, hand-sewn with spun silk and spun threads, lined with linen, brown paper lining for cuffs

Fripperies and Fobs — Gown ca. 1730-40 From Colonial Williamsburg

Woman's Gown, Green Lace Pattern Silk gown remodeled ca. 1750 Origin: England Green silk brocaded with polychrome silk; green silk skirt lining.

Detail of costumes designed by Michael O’Connor for The Duchess (2008). Images courtesy of fripperiesandfobs

Detail of late Century Georgian costumes by award winning designer Michael O'Connor for 'The Duchess', - images courtesy of fripperiesandfobs