Create this spring-inspired abstract photo manipulation by Jenny Le! This tutorial will show you how to combine stock photos and splatter brushes together, apply textures, and more. Preview of Final R

Create Amazing Watercolor Artwork in Photoshop - currently viewing photoshop tutorials from Photoshop Lady

Make a cool colorful portrait effect in Photoshop using nebula stock images and adjustment layers

Portrait Effect in Photoshop (PSD Box) by Andrei Oprinca. Andrei is very good at teaching about all the different tools Photoshop has to offer for your image manipulation projects.

Treat your images by hand

Treat your images by hand

I can have direction of my face if I can do this

Photo manipulation is probably one of the most popular use of Adobe Photoshop. There are thousands of photos examples created by professional designers we seen

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Quick Tip: Create Light Leaks and Lomo Effects Using Actions in Photoshop by Mike Moloney, In this quick tip tutorial, we will explain how to create light leaks and lomo effects for you photos using actions in Photoshop.

Design “Lady Holding a Fire Orb” Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

fire rock textured model flatten Design Lady Holding a Fire Orb Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create a Colorful Grunge Portrait in Seconds

We've gathered the latest Adobe Photoshop tutorials, you will learn the latest techniques in processing and image editing, such as Text Effect, latest