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Need help dealing with the IRS? Donald M. Barnes at Guardian Tax Resolutions

Spending on outsourcing of accounting and finance functions is expected to reach over 25 billion around the world this year, according to a new report. The report by KPMG and HfS Research found that 90% of finance and accounting business process outsourcing engagements have been consistently meeting their cost-reduction targets and initial delivery performance.

IRS Advisory Committee Recommends Online IRS Accounts for Tax Pros and Taxpayers

Top 10 Tax Issues for Small Business - On Demand Webinar

February a small or home-based business can be exciting and challenging, but keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws is a nearly impossible

Your Taxes: Then and Now

Our latest infographic visualizes how a family of four fared in 2011 versus highlighting how the changes made since the implementation of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 have impacted millions of taxpayers.

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Reality Check: Effective U. Corporate Tax Rate Much Lower Than Most Other Developed Nations