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Blondes are better

Better than these simple/ basic girls, including these brunettes and cow girls.

NO I AM NOT STUPID THANK YOU VERY MUCH... so annoying!! I can't even get no "Blond jokes" around the freakin' privacy of my own HOME!!!

It's ANNOYING! I have dirty blonde hair, but that doesn't mean I'm a mindless idiot,

KEEP CALM AND LOVE BEING BLONDE I love being blonde I'm so glad I went back to blonde hair I hated the dark hair on me

KEEP CALM AND LOVE BEING BLONDE. I love being blonde I'm so glad I went blonde My darkhair I hated as a teenager. My roots are now grey but platnium blonde keeps me younger than grey.

Just because someone is a brunette, doesn't mean they're smart. All of this animosity between each other, when the truth is hair colour does not affect who we are as people, or our I.Q. But if you insist on playing that game, blondes are awesome, and just as smart as any brunette. #dontunderestimateblondes

I love my blonde hair. And being blonde doesn't mean that you're dumb, hair color has nothing to do with how smart or dumb someone is.

Wasted time...oh yeah,i can relate...

this is so sad but true. except for one thing. I waste lots more than an hour.

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