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Mary Pickford and friends

Mary Pickford and friends

Stilikone #7: Charakterkopf Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando in The Wild One,a 1953 American outlaw biker film directed by László Benedek and produced by Stanley Kramer. It is famed for Marlon Brando's iconic portrayal of the gang leader Johnny Strabler.

Charlie Chaplin mit Katze bei Glaserei

Charlie Chaplin’s Cat by Frank Hatzman. Charlie Chaplin’s Cat Distinguished looking cat + Charlie Chaplin. Taken in Charlie was always more of a cat person, he liked their independent nature.

The CATalist's - Jamie Lee Curtis -

Jamie Lee Curtis, actress with serious Hollywood pedigree and cat lover.

The interwebs are super obsessed with celebs and kitties. Here's a mix of both.

Elvis Presley hanging out with a cat.

James Dean & Marcus his Siamese kitten, bought for him as a gift from Elizabeth Taylor.

James Dean & Marcus his Siamese kitten, bought for him as a gift from Elizabeth Taylor. even James Dean loves cat!

Steve McQueen's pet Malamute rouses him during a hunting trip in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Steve McQueen AND a mallie

Bild von Joan Baez

This is a collection of pictures of musicians with cats. Because everyone loves musicians and cats. MUSICIANS AND CATS!

Burası Amerika değil!?!! Sert kurallar var!!!!!! AİLELER ARABA VERMEZ ÇOCUĞUN ELİNE!!!  KİMİ KANDIRIYORSUN???????

Celebrities Are Cat People Too - Marlon Brando with Cat - Photo by Murray Carrett Cats were seen as good luck charms by actors, and the cats often helped cure the actors' stage fright.

Freddie with his cats Oscar and Tiffany.

Freddie with his cats Oscar and Tiffany

Freddie Mercury with his cats, Oscar and Tiffany - when you see "celebrities" posing with either cats or tigers or lions cheetahs or black panthers that symbolizes that are under the mk ultra mind control programming beta sex slave programming.