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BBC World News: "Never stop asking" Print Ad

The Print Ad titled BBC News: Never stop asking was done for product: BBC World News (brand: BBC) in Germany.

"Honk If You're Human", Three Drunk Monkeys for BBC Knowledge

A new ad by Three Drunk Monkeys to promote BBC Knowledge

Crack our Security Glass - and the bucks are yours ;) really great #advertising


In today's highly competitive world of creative marketing, Guerrilla advertising manages to make unusual, surrealistic visuals and situations that passers by will remember

LG: Washing Tunnel

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2011 Silver Media Use of Media The Loerie Awards 2011 Gold Outdoor Alternative Media & Field Marketing

BBC News Online: "STEP" Print Ad  by Abbott Mead Vickers.bbdo

The Print Ad titled STEP was done by AMV BBDO London advertising agency for product: BBC News Online (brand: BBC) in United Kingdom.

MIR Black Keep Black Strong print advertising campaign from France.

The real cost of a #pluggedIn #home #EnergyVampires

Infographic: The Hidden Cost of Household Gadgets. We just started cutting off power to all of our entertainment electronics when not in use! Who knew they sucked up so much electricity just by being plugged in.

Havas Chicago #HavasPeepShow Campaign 2015

Havas Chicago Set Up a Peep Show in Its Windows, but the Peepers Got a Bit of Shock

Havas Chicago #HavasPeepShow Campaign 2015

5 things every designer should know when dealing with clients. #infographic

5 Things Every Designer Should Know When Dealing with Clients

Occupy Phoenix: Dead, Alive, Undead?

Occupy Phoenix: Dead, Alive, Undead?