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I LOVE THIS! Life should be MORE like this!!! Island time and Jamaican restaurant lol

business hours sign - hahaha so true, i need this sign! Come to think of it, everyone in Mexico needs this sign

Business Hours: We Are Open: We Are Open For Business Most Days About 8:30 am. Some Days As Early As 6 Or 7, But Occasionally As Late As 12:30 Or 1, But Usually Around 9 Unless It's Later. We Are Closed: We Close At 5 Or 6, Sometimes At 4. If All Hel

Business Hours - We Are Open - We Are Open For Business

Sawdust City Wholesale - ~ Business Hours - We Are Open - We Are Open For…

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Thank you!!!

I pay for my scissors, of your trimming or cutting of 12 inches I'm still doing the same thing it's just more hair, I need my scissors sharpened every few months also so please have respect

Aloha..can I have this at my work...

The aloha spirit! You just have to go with the 'laid-back' way of life. From the minute I'm on the plane, knowing I'm going to Hawaii, I'm relaxed and mentally on "island time". If you're ever in a hurry, don't go to Hawaii.